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  • Core of Enterprise Culture
  • 1.Strategy for Construction: Abstain from Ostentatiousness, Insist on Practice.
  • Canca keeps holding on sustainable development thought “change in stability” to emphasize on further actual effect. Thanks to the developing strategy “Innovation is the motivation of enterprise development; Practicality is the foundation of enterprise development”, Canca sedulously goes for technical innovation; and emphasize on building brand foundation with practicality at the same time. The working style “not showy, not boastful, not blundering” inspires Canca to precisely grasp industry development lifeblood with practicality; to abide by objective marketing pattern; to conform to the trend of enterprise development; and to achieve the peak of development with feet on earth.
  • 2. Enterprise Objective: To Found International Excellent Enterprise, To Build Famous Brand of The World.
  • In the histories of enterprise development, Canca devotes to maximize the transition from brand effect to selling power in order to achieve enterprise objective” To Found International Excellent Enterprise, To Build Famous Brand of The World”. Since at the beginning of enterprise development, Canca established and completed the network on international marketing step by step, marching the products into international market field such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Europe with having a good reputation from users and customers. In recent years, the rapid development and perseverant endeavor enable Canca to win the “The promotion of home appliances to the countryside project”, “Designated enterprise in Guangdong Province to recycle and sell for and old-for-new service”, and the national second wave for “benefit the mass with energy-saving products”—promotional project of efficiently energy-saving TV, which help to broaden domestic marketing channel. Canca’s active developing new market, exploring new selling mode and win-win mode with customers truly realize a new marketing situation of exportation and sales in domestic market at the same time.
  • 3. Enterprise Tenet: To Create The Best Product for The Consumers; To Provide The Best Space for The Customers; To Construct The Best Environment for The Employees.
  • Canca is familiar with the service”Users First”, devoting to offering excellent products and service for users to enhance competition by innovation. Canca insists in fair business and creates beneficial cooperation conditions for making sure the competition of products in customers’ market. In the meanwhile, Canca also has been devoting to improve employees’ working condition and quality of daily lives, strengthen humanization administration, and commit to training talent.
  • 4. Enterprise Spirit: To Be Solidary, To Be Conscientious, To Be Practical, To Be Innovative.
  • People in Canca are cooperative, practical, innovative and devoted. With spirit of making everything perfect and surpassing themselves, people in Canca always keep growing and developing with the enterprise at the same time. In retrospect, we are very proud and inspired by the achievement along every step on the road of development. Meanwhile we also know it so well that it is the struggling effect and inspiring perspiration which contribute to every fulfillment and honor for Canca.
  • 5. Marketing Ideas: Good Command through Diligence, Good Faith in Essence.
  • In Canca, we always abide by one simple marketing idea, which is “good command through diligence, good faith in essence”. In strict accordance with related national policy, Canca has always been setting the “create value for users” as goal to prudentially pile a solid foundation for enterprise development. According to the rule “good faith in essence, carful service by heart, fast speed in convenience, high efficiency in time”, Canca is perseveringly working on revolution and innovation to improve allover service level for meeting user’s need, which contribute to the increasing of additional value of brand.