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A. Profile

In July, 2004, “Digital Audio Engineering and Technology Research and Development Center, GD” which was established based on Chaozhou Canca Electric Co. Ltd., passed experts’ demonstration from Guangdong Technology Department, Guangdong Development and Reform Commission, Guangdong Economic & Erade commission coalition. The “Center” focuses its research on new products development of digital audio-visual and applied technology. With strong infrastructure, there are not only three-hundred sets of equipments applies to new products’ development, experiment, but also advanced and complete experimental measure.
B. Operations Management
To ensure the normal operation, R&D Center set up normative management system, flexible encouragement regime,and strict performance appraisal regime. For every year, Canca TV invests funds that are no less than 3% of the sales in previous year to R&D Center. For the company, this Center is not only center for R&D, but also for texting, inspection, information, data processing and educational Training Center. Besides, it is one of modern forms for a overall development of science and produce.
As technical engine of Canca Company, the “Center” will continuously to complete experiment condition and management system. Taking both product strategy and intellectual property strategy simultaneously, Canca invests with output, operates with profit, and manages with efficiency. Those strategies and principles enable Canca to upgrade projects, standardize operation, informationize management, and industrialize achievements. Increasing innovative ability led to a leaping technical development in digital audio-visual industry.
C. Operation Tenet
With innovation as soul and market as orientation, “Center” insists on emphasizing both technological innovation and systematic innovation. The organic integration of strategy “bringing-in” and strategy “going-out” makes “Center” fully take an advantage of resources in international market and domestic market, and strengthen the innovation based on bringing-in, digesting, and absorbing.
D. Cooperation Team
Internally, the “Center” owns a superior cooperation team mainly formed up by Doctor and master. Internationally, it actively contacts with renowned technological firm to broaden researching area, to negotiate related business, and achieve great development as result. Doctor Hang Zhiqiang, chairman of NDR Corp., USA., David B. Crawford, RFM Corp., USA., Doctor Fan Qun, present of Silicon Valley technology association, USA., who have took a visiting to the Engineering Center of Canca, reached a consensus to sign an agreement on some cooperation of high-tech projects, and became one member of this “Center”.
The “Center” established a close cooperative relationship with Tsinghua University and multiple famous universities and scientific research institutions, forming a development and demonstration bases with a complete congregation of production, study and research.
E. Updated R&D Milestones
Since established, the R&D Center continues to seek a breakthrough and obtain some achievements. Recently, the project “digital television recourse codec chip”, which was cooperated with Tsinghua University, was awarded as National Key New Product in 2005 by the national science and technology. Application area of this project involves digital television, laser DVD, audio device and other related digital audio products. Its successful implementation will provide recourse of technology for a great development of national audio & video industry; and also have a contribution to the development of related domestic industry. As a result, domestic enterprises can get free from restraint of aboard technical barrier on issues of chips, software, whole machine and system solution to develop digital television chips and corresponding products with our national independent intellectual property. By virtue of this core technical advantage, R&D Center can stay ahead of industry competition and win profit in the future chip industry and audio-video manufacturing industry.