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Privacy Protection


Some areas of this website with a password protection (restricted area). If you are an authorized user of these restricted areas, you agree that you are responsible for ensuring that your password and account confidential. You agree to be fully responsible for any actions that you have in your account, including any costs that occurred under the password protected accounts, regardless of whether the cost is your individual behavior or not.

If you send any material or information to or from this website, it is indicated that you are agreed to the following terms:

(1) The material or information does not include any illegal or inappropriate posted content.

(2) Before submitting any material or information, you should use reasonable efforts to review and remove any viruses or other factors which are infectious or destructive.

(3) You own the material or have the material available to us unlimited power, and Canca Company can free release the material or integrate the material or its description of any ideas into our products without the need to assume any liability or obligation.

(4) You agree that you will not file a lawsuit with Canca Company based on the material or information you have submitted, and you also agree if there was any third party filed a lawsuit with you based on the material or information you have submitted, you will compensate for the total loss of Canca Company.

The Interpretation of this statement and the use of this website is owned by Canca Company.